Frank, our 15.5 yo pug, has been seeing Dr. Pollard-Wright for past couple months under the Neuro-paralyzed and Amputee program. Dr. Pollard-Wright started with a very thorough physical exam after reviewing Frank’s medical history. His condition is complex, and without her thorough exam, he would have, and actually has, passed through the cracks. Although she is always very straightforward and realistic, she wanted to give us a chance to not only maintain, but improve Frank’s quality of life. Dr. Pollard-Wright’s plan for Frank is rigorous and comprehensive. It is also science and evidence based, and tailored specifically and continously for him. When we began, we had a paralyzed dog who was declining and disengaging – he was starting to check out.  Frank is now more engaged and alert – we are seeing parts of his personality that we haven’t seen in a long while. He is even gaining strength. We are very much aware that Frank’s condition is terminal. But until then, we have Dr. Pollard-Wright in our corner to make the best of the time we have, and we are thankful for that.

– Lim Family, March 2024

My dog Dexter, a massive 100lb. black Labrador, tore his crucial ligament on Christmas Day.  I was distraught as my previously exuberant and adventurous companion was reduced to a painful hobble.  After a few weeks of extensive searching throughout southeastern Wisconsin for a surgeon, we found ourselves in Dr. Pollard-Wright’s exam room as she talked us through the procedure Dexter would undergo the next week.  The calm and detailed explanation of what was about to happen reinforced the reasons I had initially selected her.  Unlike the other surgeons that I had spoken with, I got the feeling that Dr. Pollard-Wright cared specifically about Dexter.  She focused on him, his comfort, and his recovery. The surgery was flawless.  Throughout the recovery though Dr. Pollard-Wright maintained her concern for Dexter and was very supportive in his PT efforts.  The detailed exercise plan and treadmill sessions had him building strength quickly.  Within four months of the surgery, Dexter was back to his normal rambunctious self.  We spent the summer camping, swimming, running, and scrambling around on hikes throughout Michigan and Wisconsin.  He’s recovered so well from the surgery that I frequently forget that he even had it.  I can’t recommend Dr. Pollard-Wright enough.  She gave my best friend a new lease on life and cared about him specifically throughout the process.  

Nick  Carnahan

When our sweet 8yo German Shepherd mix, Alice, was first diagnosed with a torn ACL we feared the worst. Was she too old to have surgery? Would she be able to make a full recovery? We’re so thankful that we chose Dr. Pollard. She immediately put us at ease and answered our many question thoroughly. Alice’s surgery went better than we could’ve ever expected and more importantly Dr. Pollard carefully guided us through the rehab process.  I cannot stress enough how important that was for Alice’s recovery. We were so pleased with the results that when Alice tore her other ACL 18 months later we knew exactly who to call. I’m proud to say that Alice is a happy, healthy and active 11yo dog. We are forever grateful for what Dr. Pollard has done for us.”

Bryan Ziefle

My experience with Dr. Holly Pollard was absolutely awesome!!   She was so informative, helpful, and thorough in her communications on what to expect prior, during, and after surgery.  My 7 year old Golden Retriever, Bella, had shredded her ACL and surgery was inevitable.   Her post rehabilitation services (which were included with surgery), were outstanding.  We met with her every 2 weeks post op for physical therapy and were given explicit directions and videos on what to do in between sessions.  I feel this was the key to Bella’s full recovery. 

April Roggenbuck, Bella’s mom

Cooper had his first surgery in November and his second in March .  Dr. Pollard Wright performed both surgeries and her team was so thorough, caring and compassionate, both to me and Cooper. Dr. Pollard Wright outlined the rehab therapy that would need to be done at home and in clinic.

You will not find a better surgeon for your pet than Dr. Holly Pollard Wright, and you will not find a more compassionate, caring, sensitive person for you as you go through this with your pet than Dr. Holly. Dr. Holly I will forever be in your debt for giving me my ball playing, fast running and high energy dog back! 

Colleen Dunbar, New Berlin, WI

I just wanted to thank you for the great program you have of combining surgery and rehab together to fix both of Jade’s legs.  He is so much happier running, jumping and doing what ever trouble he can get in to.  You were also very understanding when you felt Jade needed additional therapy on his legs, so instead of 5 sessions you provided 6 sessions, at no additional charge for me.  Thank you for caring for Jade while he went though a very thorough and complete program with you. “Jader” as you like to call him, thanks you too.

Kris Panenka

I can’t say thank you enough for all you have done for Polly and I these last few months. Deciding to go ahead with the surgery for her luxating patella was a big decision for us but right from the beginning you filled us with confidence that it was the right thing to do to better her life. There is such a difference now between the way she is and the way she was before surgery and I am so thankful to see her enjoying life comfortably again.

Amanda Grundle

Our rescue dog Poppy and I, had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Pollard about a year ago. Poppy had managed to tear both her ACLs within 2 weeks of each other. We decided to have the knees fixed so she wouldn’t be lame for the rest of her life.  Poppy recovered well so we decided to have her other leg done What impressed me the most was the post-surgical care she gave Poppy. I have been in health care for 40+ years and have worked closely with many “people” orthopedic surgeons. They have always said the post-op rehab and PT can be as or even more important than the surgery itself.  Poppy is doing extremely well. She loves to run and play (Poppy that is) and is probably the happiest dog I have ever met.  Dr. Holly Pollard-Wright is very patient with her patients and a great teacher. I had no problem following the rehab information she gave me, both at the appointments and by e-mail, to do Poppy’s rehab at home. Holly Is a great Doctor! 5 stars easy. I would recommend her to everyone.

Andy Bean RN CRNA

I want to thank you very much for the way in which you performed the double TPLO on my buddy Domino after he blew out both ACL’s.  The manner in which you performed his surgery was not only professional but also extremely compassionate.  I am also very happy with the way you took that extra step in the five sessions of physical therapy post surgery. He moves extremely well now and he is more than ready for the upcoming duck hunting season. I look forward for another seven years of having a active dog to be my hunting buddy.  

Michael Stockinger

Dr. Pollard is a very skilled surgeon, but this is not what distinguishes her from all the others.  For me, what distinguishes Dr. Pollard is her personality, accessibility, focus on rehabilitation (in-office and at-home rehabilitative care), and sincere desire to do what is in the best interest of my dog.  

I cannot adequately express the significance of the initial consultation with Dr. Pollard.  I was instantly struck by how Dr. Pollard explained Abbey’s injuries in a detailed, technical, and thorough manner, yet maintained a very respectful and accessible demeanor.  She was not directive, which is what I had experienced with medical doctors/veterinarians in the past; Dr. Pollard invited open, direct discussion. 

As I have already stated, Dr. Pollard is a skilled surgeon and both of Abbey’s TPLO surgeries went well, but it is Dr. Pollard’s temperament and post-surgical aftercare that sets her apart. What is truly unique about Dr. Pollard is her focus on post-surgery rehabilitation. The rehabilitation is what has had the greatest impact on Abbey’s healing process.  Dr. Pollard approaches the rehabilitation sessions in the same manner in which she approached the consultation: she explains everything she does and why.  Dr. Pollard incorporates me into each rehabilitation session, instructing me on each technique she employs.  She utilizes a variety of rehabilitative methods for holistic healing; Dr. Pollard’s concern and targeted techniques focus not just on Abbey’s leg, but her core, back, hips, joints, and psyche.  And, quite literally, there is nothing that Dr. Pollard does during rehabilitation that is not thoroughly explained.  This approach not only makes me more confident in Dr. Pollard’s expertise but in my own ability to continue Abbey’s rehabilitation at home. Having now completed eight rehabilitation sessions with Dr. Pollard, I can attest to the impact rehabilitation has had on Abbey’s recovery, mobility and confidence. I can sincerely say that I have my sweet, beautiful, silly, self-assured Abbey back – ten pounds lighter with clean white(ish) teeth – and she is even walking 20 minutes three times a day!

Kimberly D. Hassell, Ph.D.