If you’re a Southern California-area veterinarian looking to refer a patient for physical rehabilitation Veterinary Kinetics Rehab is a resource. Veterinary Kinetics Rehab applies the scientific knowledge of rehabilitation to each case through an experienced veterinarian using proper techniques with the medical and surgical background to design and implement a therapeutic program which is the art of rehabilitation.

Quality pet rehabilitation for greater Los Angeles area patients: 
Veterinary Kinetics Rehab is a full-service mobile rehabilitation practice that focuses on providing the highest quality animal rehabilitation. 

Collaborative approach: 
We are committed to a strong collaborative working relationship with you and will cultivate this relationship through open communication. 

Responsive communication: 
As a referring veterinarian, you’ll receive patient progress updates.

Standing by to assist you: 
We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Client education materials: 
We have business cards and other literature available to help you explain our services to your clients.